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Veer Creatives - Heather Gorby

Salida, Colorado

Heather has been crafting visual messages and designs for over two decades. A liberal arts degree from the University of Michigan paired with classes in art and design created the foundation for her career. Heather has worked with a variety of engaging national and international projects for both private and non-profit organizations, designing visual assets and branding that drive engagement to each specific project. 




"In starting a new clinic I had many decisions to make.  Heather took the time to understand my business plan and created a distinct brand for Salida Dermatology that was unique, simple and beautiful.  She designed print materials and a website that represented my clinic in a professional and attractive way.  Everything she designed far exceeded my expectations, and years later I continue to love the "look" my business materials have thanks to Heather."

Sheree Beddingfield, Salida Dermatology



"Creative, consistent, professional.  Heather's outside the box approach allowed her to provide results that exceeded our expectations.  Her welcomed input took us in directions that we didn't know were possible. Heather designs with a smile and with appreciation for having an opportunity to help make our business the best that it can be." 


Zack Zeiset, Monarch Manufacturing


Heather's creative energy is overflowing, always providing a clean and clear approach with an obvious vision.  She is great at understanding the client's audience and adjusting her design to ensuring the greatest outcome.  Consistency is something that is very important to our institution.  We never have to worry about our branding being off or our messages not hitting the mark, because Heather notices the little things. The best thing about working with Heather is that she listens to her client.  She provides a product that you have asked for in a timely manner.  If she feels like our design is off base, she voices her opinion and her ideas in the most professional manner, which is appreciated, because we all have days when our creative energy is tapped.  I value Heather's expertise and feel fortunate that we have a designer that provides products that we are proud of.  


Robin NeJame, High Country Bank Community Outreach and Marketing Director


"Heather was instrumental in the success of our election. Her designs were clean, creative, positive, and exactly what our audience was needing in order to make an informed decision.  One voter said the following:  "I noticed several amazing strategies...the one I'll share tonight was the brilliant ads...loved the variety of personalized ones with various citizen's endorsement...really helped acquaint the voter with his qualities and brought him as a warm and caring human to the political race."  From deadlines to being spot on with our vision, Heather went above and beyond.  


Connie Goscinski-Smith Campaign Manager


“What makes Heather so effective is that she listens closely to understand your unique situation and vision. She then transforms words and ideas into visuals and graphics that make you say “yes, that’s exactly what I was hoping for”. Heather is the perfect blend of creative and pragmatic. I use her every time.”


Jere Thomas, Sage Resources

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